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Introduction (Start Where You Are)

Welcome to the Mostly Invested course!

Over the next seven weeks, you will transform your life by learning how to engage deeply with your money. You’ll soon be able to find joy in using money and no longer avoid that money STUFF that holds us back in your life. That’s being mostly invested, and it’s utterly normal to be mostly invested.

Investing itself has not changed my life. My investing practice has changed my life. It has made me stronger, more mindful, more connected, and that causes all kinds of ripples of support from the universe in ways I could not have imagined beforehand. Engaging with the power of our own money can be scary, but doing so is incredibly empowering. In this video, I’m going to share some of my personal story about how I approached money and how I changed my life with my investing practice.

By the end of this course, you will have a methodology to learn about money and markets. You will also know how to handle your money as you dive deeper into decisions about your own finances. Best of all, you’ll have a practice around money that is your own and works for you.

This is where we each start, right here, just as we are.

Each week of the course is five days of practice, so you can choose which days out of your week work best for you. The first week will give you more background info so you can understand what we’re doing, and then we’ll get started with the practices that will change how you engage with your incredibly powerful and personally transformative tool: money.

Want to start right away? I love it! First, check the live calls page to discover the date and time of our first live call. Don’t forget to mark your calendar. Next, watch the video on this page and check out the information below.

Let’s begin.

Enjoy your practice!